Cabin Air Filter Replacement


Description of Cabin Air Filter Replacement

Just like your home HVAC system, your car’s system has an air filter – commonly called the cabin air filter. It cleans the outside air as it enters the passenger compartment and filters such contaminants as dirt, dust, pollen, bacteria and even engine exhaust gases.

You may also find insects, leaves and other debris lodged in the filter over time.To keep the air inside the car fresh so you and your passengers can breathe easy, we include checking the cabin filter in our free 22-point courtesy inspection.

Cabin Air Filter Replacement


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An air filter allows outside air into an engine’s intake manifold, and prevents dirt particles, bugs, and other contaminants from entering the engine and causing destruction.
Oil is the lubricant that reduces friction and absorbs harmful particles inside of your vehicle’s engine. The oil filter then captures the debris and contaminants as the oil cycles through.