Preventive Maintenance


Description of Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance (also known as Scheduled Maintenance) is the routine care your vehicle’s systems to prevent potential major auto repairs.   Neglecting your vehicle manufacturer’s scheduled maintenance program may result in repairs that could have easily been prevented.

Part of our oil change process is to provide a  22-point inspection  of some key components, including checking and adding available vital fluids, inspecting air filters, visually inspecting belts and hoses, testing the battery, examining windshield wiper blades, cleaning and testing batteries and checking tire inflation.  It is our mission to help you keep your car in top performance and to avoid major costly repairs.

For preventive services which we do not perform in the quick service environment, including Cooling System Flush, Brake Flush, Transmission Fluid Exchange, Belt or Hose Service, Alignments, Tire Rotation and Brake Service, we will refer you to a certified automotive technician at Fausak Tires & Service and assist you in making the appointment.

Call us today to learn more about recommended car maintenance service intervals for your vehicle.

Preventive Maintenance


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Oil is the lubricant that reduces friction and absorbs harmful particles inside of your vehicle’s engine. The oil filter then captures the debris and contaminants as the oil cycles through.
We all know that sound! Slow cranking engine. Dimming headlights. Buzzing. Many times, this indicates a problem with your vehicle’s starting and charging system.